L’Internationaler Frauentreff di Ludwigshafen


Der  Mond Transpersonal Zentrum

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‘The wealth of Women in the world’


“Tell a story and listen to a story…”

Circle of female sharing to awaken the individual talents and strength of each of us and to rediscover the value of being a Woman in the world, recognizing the archetypal qualities associated with the Feminine Principle.

Where: Der Mond Transpersonal Zentrum, Fuggerstr. 26, Ludwigshafen 

When: tuesday from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm (two Tuesday days a month)

Time: 10 meetings in total of two hours each

Number of participants: from a minimum of 5 women to a maximum of 10 

Dates of the meetings: presentation of the course and all dates on 12/02/2019

Reservation required.

In the attached PDF you will find all the information about the course.


Cartolina gruppo Femminile Racconta una storia…PDF


Presentazione gruppo Femminile Racconta una storia…PDF