Emanuela Palazzo

Transpersonal Counselor Trainer


Walk, walk son of the wind, leave the image of you on the street and the ballast deposited in the lap of your personal story.

Seize the right moment, do the impossible, go to the point where the sun rises, see the true face, plant and nourish the Great Tree of Peace’

Houston J, Rubin M

About me

Professional Transpersonal Counselor credited SIBTE
Supervisor and Trainer in Transpersonal Counseling
Biotransenergetics Teacher
I live and work in Germany, Rheinlandpfalz, where I opened the ‘Der Mond’ Transpersonal Counseling Centre.
More than ten years ago I decided to undertake a path of development and study which has, to this day, enabled me to understand how we can live in harmony with ourselves and others. How to face everyday choices and tackle the difficulties that inevitably affect the psycho-physical structure.
Through BTE and the Transpersonal Movement I encountered a new way of observing and acting, and derive benefit at every perceptual level: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What I can do for you

I can help you whether you’re going through a difficult and stressful period due to important pending decisions, or you feel unfulfilled because of momentary setbacks, or you would like to be able to communicate better with your children, or perhaps redefine your role at work, in the family or in life, or you just want to awaken your talents and your creativity.

In order to overcome one or more of the difficulties I mentioned above, I offer an experiential Transpersonal programme, which serves to contact the parts of you that have been forgotten or have not yet had a chance to manifest themselves

Came on to my events

Internationalen Frauentreff “In rete sotto l’ombrello della vita”

Festival Interculturale” 29 settembre 2023. Giardino del Hack Museo di Ludwigshafen🌼🌼🌼Celebriamo il progetto di ‘Uncinetto Creativo e Meditativo’ con un installazione artistica realizzata dalle donne.Internationalen Frauentreff “In rete sotto...

Workshop ‘Frauenzeit’

  Ab September 2022 bieten wir in unseren Räumen in Lambsheim eine Reihe von Workshop-Angeboten, die sich den unterschiedlichen weiblichen Lebensphasen und deren Entwicklung widmen:   Meditatives Häkeln: wir erschaffen unser individuelles Mandala als Ausdruck...

Workshop ‘The wealth of Women in the world’

  L’Internationaler Frauentreff di Ludwigshafen and Der  Mond Transpersonal Zentrum submit a new experimental proposal as part of the project ‘The wealth of Women in the world’ Workshop: "Tell a story and listen to a story..." Circle of female sharing to awaken...


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