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Experiential Transpersonal programme

I can help you whether you’re going through a difficult and stressful period due to important pending decisions, or you feel unfulfilled because of momentary setbacks, or you would like to be able to communicate better with your children, or perhaps redefine your role at work, in the family or in life, or you just want to awaken your talents and your creativity

In order to overcome one or more of the difficulties I mentioned above, I offer an experiential Transpersonal programme, which serves to contact the parts of you that have been forgotten or have not yet had a chance to manifest themselves, such as:


  • Mastery of your inner experience
  • Development of self-awareness through the inner experience
  • Courage of imperfection
  • Responsibility and creative will
  • Responsibility – acceptance of individual freedom
  • Developmental commitment to the common good
  • Freedom from feelings of guilt; assertion of the spiritual tension and acceptance of the disparity
  • Between the way things are and the way they should be
  • A fulfilling sex life
  • Dissolution of your symptoms through an understanding of their true nature and their

 Counselors do not address the client’s mental health or clinical issues, as psychopathology is not within their scope of expertise.

My professional tools

What is consueling

The counsellor’s task is to foster the development and utilisation of the client’s potential.

Biotransenergetics Methodology

It is a newly conceived psycho-spiritual discipline that draws on the perennial philosophy and shares with the ancient traditional medicines, the vision of the organism as a set of energetic processes.

Transpersonal Movement

The transpersonal approach aims at unveiling the potential of the individual, in the direction of true contact with the nature of the human being.

Counseling on line

During online encounters, the connection that is created between two or more people disregards time and space.

‘Der Mond’ Transpersonal

Counseling Centre

‘Der Mond’ Transpersonal

Counseling Centre

A place for meeting and personal growth where I offer individual and group meetings, at all developmental ages, intervention projects in education, the family, sport, companies, and paths of transformation. Art, Music, Dance, are some of the tools that are used to explore one’s own evolutionary path.

Der Mond Zentrum Palatinato


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Zentrum für Transpersonales Counseling ‘Der Mond’