What is counseling

According to Rollo May – one of the founding fathers of counseling, together with Carl Rogers – the counselor’s task is

to “promote the development and utilization of the client’s potential, helping them overcome any personality problems that prevent the person from expressing themselves fully and freely in the outside world. […] However, actually overcoming the problem, which is the real transformation, lies with the client; the counselor can only guide them with empathy and respect to regain the freedom to be themselves.”

The structure of the counseling relationship is one of assistance.  It is not a directive, but is based, rather, on active and empathetic listening within an atmosphere of attention and respect, where the focus is on the “client” and their needs.  The potential for change is nurtured, together with the client’s ability to identify the answers that will change their existential situation and broaden their vision of the world and, thus, their ability to make choices.

The distinctive task of the Transpersonal Counselor is to guide the client through the delicate steps leading to the evolution of consciousness.  The process sees the client gradually leaving their personal problems behind, in order to venture into the archetypal territories where the dimensions of existential meaning, spiritual experience, the more genuinely human qualities, hypersensitivity and non-ordinary states of consciousness reside.

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My tools

Biotransenergetics Methodology

BTE is a newly conceived psycho-spiritual discipline that draws the organism as a set of energy processes

Transpersonal Movement

The transpersonal approach aims at revealing the individual’s essence and highest potential

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