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Experiential Transpersonal programme

Since I live in Germany, I follow my Italian clients through individual online sessions.
As the transpersonal world teaches, the field that is created between two or more people is independent of time and space, what happens during meetings via Skype or Zoom, respects all the rules of the field.

Choosing to deal with the difficulties one encounters in daily life means knowing oneself more than one thinks. Getting in touch with one’s self leads to a change in one’s point of view. Knowledge increases awareness. Greater awareness means a greater ability to recognise one’s talents, it means being free. By changing one’s way of thinking, by recognising one’s own identity, one learns to move through everyday life with harmony.

The counsellor does not deal with the mental health and clinical aspect of the client, excluding psychopathology as an area of intervention.

‘Der Mond’ Transpersonal

Counseling Centre

‘Der Mond’ Transpersonal

Counseling Centre

A place for meeting and personal growth where I offer individual and group meetings, at all developmental ages, intervention projects in education, the family, sport, companies, and paths of transformation. Art, Music, Dance, are some of the tools that are used to explore one’s own evolutionary path.

Der Mond Zentrum Palatinato

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Zentrum für Transpersonales Counseling ‘Der Mond’