Biotransenergetics Methodology

My expertise in this field affords me the freedom to formulate creative, developmental programmes to meet your individual needs.

BTE or Biotransenergetics

BTE is a newly conceived psycho-spiritual discipline that draws on time-honoured philosophies, and whose vision of the organism as a set of energy processes is rooted in ancient traditional medicine and psychocorporal therapies. Founded by Pierluigi Lattuada, medical psychotherapist, and Marlene Silveira, psychologist and psychotherapist, BTE adheres to the transpersonal model by virtue of its consolidated methodology, which fosters an active dialogue between the individual and the world.

BTE technology is concerned with practices in consciousness transformation, and avails itself of both newly developed practices and those originating from ancient traditions. BTE’s intent is to provide tools to assist the client on their journey towards awakening, that is, towards disidentification and, therefore, transformation, understanding and mastery of their individuation process and realization of the Self.

It is based on a precise theoretical model and an articulated methodology, consolidated by more than thirty-thousand hours of clinical practice.

BTE affects the following inner experiences and content:

• inner framework of experiences of a personal order: sensations, moods, emotions,

  feelings, desires, needs, thoughts, memories, images, intuition

• inner framework of experiences of a transpersonal order: extra-sensory perceptions, spiritual,   

  mystical and ecstatic experiences, archetypal visions, mythological dreams, revelations, insights,   

  opening of the heart, non-ordinary states of consciousness, near-death experiences,


BTE can be regarded as a form of Transpersonal Psychotherapy, that is, according to the definition coined by Charles Tart, “a discipline that works towards Self-realization, the awakening of the spiritual nature in each individual and their more genuinely human qualities”.